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This product contains adult language and situations, and is not meant for those under 18
years old.

60 Day TRIPLE Guarantee

1. If in Sixty Days after getting Steal Her Heart you don’t get laid at all… email my team here and I will ENSURE you get a full 100% refund of your secure one time payment of $47 no questions asked.

2.If in 60 days your Searchlight does not at all flip “on”… ask for a refund and you’ll get every penny back.

3. Even if you don’t like the sound of my voice, you can ask for a refund and you will get every single cent back no questions asked.

If you're getting laid TOO MUCH...

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Here's Just A Taste Of What You'll Find
When You Get Steal Her Heart Today
  • The DTF Beam: Like your Searchlight, with the DTF Beam you instantly spot which women are horniest and down for sex like… NOW. (You’ll be amazed how it’s often the most attractive women and how this little trick pulls them to you immediately…)
  • The No-Choice Phrase: A simple little phrase, once said, instantly taps into her primal carnal survival desires, subtly coercing her mind and body to do anything to sleep with you (It makes you look like the absolute primo choice out of all men to sleep with…)
  • The Seducer’s Triangle: Instantly possess the unique and rare power to be the man women are biologically hardwired to mate with again and again! (You’ll be utterly irresistible to women with this…)
  • The Dick Dangle: A simple “man’s fashion” tip that is proven to create a hypnotic effect over women – once they spot it on you hot women covet you with gluttonous sexual greed.
  • NEVER think about THIS when talking to women: Most men who have a history of struggling with women are unwittingly plagued by one common thought. You’ll learn exactly how to banish it from your mind permanently and open the floodgates to a bonanza of hot horny women.
  • How to quickly and easily make nearly any woman fall in love with you in under 20 minutes. (WARNING: use this wisely as this makes her mentally and biologically have a difficult time to sleep with another man if you break up with her...)
  • SMALL DICK? The little hypnotic mind trick to permanently make her swear up and down to every one of her friends and deep down into her the depths of her beliefs that… your dick... is MONSTROUS! (You won’t believe it till you try it!)
  • How To Put Your Searchlight On “Dim Mode” if you go into a strip club in order to not get tossed out or arrested when 3 or more strippers are desperately trying to sleep with you at the same time in the club!
  • How to easily manage and maintain a wildly successful harem of hot horny women (if you want one…)
  • And More... SO Much More!
What Others Are Saying....

“I thought this was bullshit. Just stand there and women come to you? But I decided to give it a shot since nothing else was working for me… “It changed my life. The very first night I used it I banged a hot college co-ed more than half my age. I’m 58. Women began throwing themselves at me left and right. I had my first threesome. Justice you changed my life I can die happy now.” 

Phil R. Miami FL.

“It’s unreal. In just a few days women began approaching me. And the one girl who kept ignoring me, who was dating some jerk and said I was like a “brother to her” railed the bejesus out of me apologizing for ignoring me. It’s a life changer!” 

Foster B. New Orleans LA

Life-changing! When I turned on my Searchlight I got the women of my dreams. I'm now happily married to the most gorgeous women. She respects me, adores me, and can't get enough of me. Thank you Justice! 

Mike T. Charlotte North Carolina

I was skeptical of this Searchlight thing. But now… I can’t believe it. My wife was a fat old nag. Now I have my “bevy of beauties” who treat me like a king. This is a miracle.”

Palmer H. Aspen CO.

When you get Steal Her Heart today 

You will gain instant access to each of the 8 modules.

All you have to do is watch the videos and you’re set. You’re Searchlight will turn on. Then just sit back and enjoy while women throw themselves at you. Heck, even if you casually glance at a few videos, it doesn’t matter, your Searchlight turns on.

Here’s what to expect when you go through the videos…

You get armed with a few “starter” phrases to get you up and running as fast as tonight. Once you watch just a FEW of the videos (about 45 minutes worth will do the trick)… Your Searchlight will turn on naturally in about 24 to 48 hours. After that period, as soon as you go out in public women will begin noticing you. Smiling at you. 

Maybe even at your local coffee shop, the cute little barista will pull you to the front of the line, most likely flirt with you and slide you her number.

You will also be armed with your “Starter Phrases” that work day and night, anytime, anywhere, in any situation. These phrases trigger INSTANT arousal. So for example, you can say the foolproof and fail proof phrase to that girl who gives you her number… 

And she will be telling you what time she gets off work… texting you all day… and be riding your brains out that night. That’s just one of many common success stories I hear after someone turns on their Searchlight. (or even before it is on…) Well when you watch another module or two, that’s when you really hit your stride. In total, if you watch the Steal Her Heart Modules for just an hour…

Like I said in 24-48 hours your Searchlight will come on. A quick warning, you may want to buy condoms before this happens.

Because when you get Steal Her Heart
today, in about 3 days from now women will be coming up to you…

Flirting with you…

Grinding up on you…

If you go out for drinks you won’t even have to think about it…

Women will be all over you…

And to make it even better, at this point you will naturally – without even thinking about it – say a few unique little phrases that will have her panties sopping wet… At this point women will be whispering in your ear…

“Your place or my place Daddy….”

Best of all THEY will be making all the first moves. Kissing you. Taking you home, undressing you like good servant undresses her King Daddy. A few more videos… and you will naturally possess the bold fail proof skill to approach a woman at will. Because she may be “tuned out” and not have noticed you. So you get the ability to NEVER miss another opportunity again. What to say or do will come right out of you as natural as sitting on the couch watching your favorite movie.

Do me a favor, and just imagine for a moment what your life will be like when you possess this incredible formula. So natural, so effortless, you never ever have to wonder again about women or getting laid. You are the “10” women can’t help but be turned on by.

Well when you get Steal Her Heart Today that’s the kind of life you’ll be living. Let’s face it, you deserve it.

Listen, if you feel like you want the ability to get laid on command…

All you have to do is fill out the simple form below and then click the button that says “YES! Get Steal Her Heart NOW!”

You may be curious about how much this will cost you.

Well for those who are more fortunate, price of $397 would be more than a fair price to live a life like a Hugh Hefner with smoking hot give-you-sex-on-command women in your life. Or to have the ability to make nearly any woman your super sexy super devoted nymphomaniac girlfriend.

Now those who are less fortunate… may be on a tight budget. Maybe because of divorce, bills, or maybe heck life just got in the way. Those guys might only be able to scrap together $47 bucks for this and would be more than HAPPY to just get a tiny fraction of the entire formula. And even THAT would be a crazy deal.


A “fair” market value would be $97.

 In order to not be too greedy, yet not be priced too low to be called crazy and stupid by my accountants.

Well I tell you what..

Since you’ve hung in with me this far… I know you’re serious. So I want to do something special for you. You see my Dad was a shirt off his back kind of guy, blue collar to the bone and a good man to others. He helped those in need, and knew when to take advantage of a good opportunity.

So in honor of my dad…

You can get Steal Her Heart for a one time payment of ONLY $47.

And that’s IT!

For only $47 you can get Steal Her Heart right at your fingertips and FINALLY have your dating life, sex life, and getting a girlfriend life all figured out.

But you MUST act now!

From This Page Only

I’m going to toss in these exclusive bonuses… ABSOLUTELY FREE

  • Searchlight Tractor Beam: This bonus gets you laid with practically any woman you want in under 9 minutes. If you’re a little bit hornier than normal, or if you hate waiting to get laid with hot women… or heck if she’s been ignoring you for a while and you have had ENOUGH… This fail safe method will make her ride you to all ends of the earth in 9 minutes or less. Normally I would charge $27 for that… but you get it today… ABSOLUTELY free.
  • Steal Her Heart Online System: Get the hottest women on sites like Match, Tinder and Facebook. You don’t even have to leave your house! This turns on the beam like a lighthouse where you live. Women will spot it in the sea of men hitting on them and will race to YOUR bedroom eager to please you. All you have to do is have a computer or a smartphone. Sit in your couch, flip on the beam , and faster than a pizza being delivered to you, you will have a hot horny eager woman brought to your doorstep. Normally $77 bucks on it’s own, you get it today… absolutely free!
  • “Where’s My Sex Hailing App": Just like the apps to get a ride… you’ll be hailing a woman to ride you in just minutes. Just select the woman you want to ride… press “send” with a message I’ve already written for you… and within seconds you’ll be getting a naughty picture back from the woman you’ve chosen. Then, in just minutes you’ll have a hot horny woman delivered right to you. I’m tossing this in because, you’ll be getting so many phone numbers in the next few days… why not start getting laid with all of those hot horny eager women right now? Normally that is $47 but you get that NOW today, for FREE when you get Steal Her Heart today.
What You'll Be Getting From This Page 
When You Act TODAY...

 You’re getting the entire Steal Her Heart System to turn on your Searchlight and more. Normally I’d be asking you to pay $97 for that.

Then you’re getting the “Searchlight Tractor Beam”normally a $27 value.

And you’re getting the "Searchlight Online System" valued normally at $37.

And then you’re getting the “Where’s My 
Sex” hot woman hailing formula, normally a $47 value.

When you add that all up, normally today you’d be agreeing to make a one time payment of $208.

And let’s face it… for all of that… and what you’re getting… and the life you’re going to have with women… 

That’s a crazy stupid deal.

And it would even be CRAZIER to give you half off and charge you a one time payment of $104. Because at that point I’m just taking a huge loss on the deal.

But you’re not gonna have to fork over 
$208 dollars.  You won’t even have to pay $104 dollars.

You see, if you ACT now you only have to
pay a measly $47 to get the ENTIRE Steal Her Heart System AND all of the bonuses.

ALL Backed Up With My Iron-Clad 60 Day Money Back TRIPLE Guarantee!

A one time payment of $47 and you’re all set.

That’s a massive 77% off the ENTIRE package I just mentioned to you!

All of the bonuses… EVERYTHING.

You MUST act now to claim this crazy deal.

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